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Name Cai Qiyao
School NUS High School of Math and Science
Role member
Country Singapore
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Solved Problems
01knapsack 1503 1609 3nplus1
3nplus1II 4sum 7up GSS
abbb addition addition2 adjlist
adjmatrix amicablecats area arrayfind
assembly badnim badpotato ballot
bananasmoothie beareatrabbit bestplace binarycoins
bingo bobek boxispull bracketex
bracketsyndrome brick buffet candymountain_ex
car card catfight catlunch
clocktower coinbag coincombinations coinjourney
commonsubstring competition contestcalc conversations_easy
countalp cuberoot deletingnumbers descsort
diamond dijkstra divisibility dyingpolynomial
eeducation eelimination eescapism eevacuation
employee entropy evenorodd exam
explosion exponentiate fibo firelord
fizzbuzz flamethrower flybot foodchain
foreveralone fourbuckets fractions friend
frogs gcd gecko general
gift goodseq gotoschool greenbeans
greeting grid guanine guessqueue
hamster1 hedgehogcrimes_easy helloworld helloworld2
ihate1111 knightmoves labels lcm
lcs leftright lengthsort letters
levenshtein lineup lineup2 lis
lis_easy lol luckynumbers2 lunchbox
lvm magicwand management mathtest
maximum medianstring milkweed minimum
minstack moneychanger nihonese nprime
numericalstrings oridance paint pairsums
papaya party pascal peakfinding
pigeons pokeadd pokenumbers potatosalad
potatotree potionseasy prefixsums prime
primefactorization psle pushups pythonindentation
rainbowrabbit rightangtri roadsideadverts scalars
sealevel segmenttree simp singleflip
skillmoves smurf snack sort
speakers splithunny stepgame stonk
stringsofimpurity subgraphs sumint supplies
swapsort taxcollection telepathy timeexam
trains transform typicalstairs typo
uniquenumbers unmerge weddingcoins workload
workoutplan wormholes xmas