Spongebob is having a cryptography lesson today! Today's lesson is about substitution cipher (, which is a method of encryption whereby every alphabet is replaced by another alphabet.

Cracking a code encrypted by substitution is rather easy due to the flaws of the English Language. This is because certain letters are more frequently used than others. For example: E is used 11% of the time while Q is only used 0.2%.

As such, Spongebob's teacher, wants spongebob to investigate the frequency of letters of the language used in Bikini-Bottom. However, there might be thousands of letters, making it very boring for Spongebob to count one by one.

Your Task:

Create a program that count the number of time every letter appears.


The first line of input will be a single integer, n
n is the total number of letters that follow and 0 < n < 25001.
The second line of input will be n letters.
The lettes will all be in lowercase and there are no spaces in between them.


Output the corresponding frequency of each letter, A-Z.
Refer to sample output for more details.

Sample Input


Sample Output

a 1
b 1
c 1
d 2
e 4
f 1
g 1
h 2
i 1
j 1
k 1
l 1
m 1
n 1
o 4
p 1
q 1
r 2
s 0
t 2
u 2
v 1
w 1
x 1
y 1
z 1

Submitting .cpp to 'countalp'

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Time Limit: 1 Seconds
Memory Limit: 256MB
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Source: Classic Problem

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