Merge Guess Problem

Let a and b be two problems on codebreaker. Let A and B be two strings which are the problem statements of a and b. Let S be a string such that A and B are both subsequences of S. Determine a and b.


The singular line in the input contains one integer T (0 ≤ T ≤ 5), which is the testcase number. T=0 is the sample test case. The strings S can be found in the appendix.


Output a single line containing two strings, a and b. You can print them in any order.

Sample Input


Sample Output

helloworld addition



WParillabnt "Hely liso W orlledarning"! a Sboout m astih. Hmeple ! wRemouldember tlo inkot ep riandtd t h2 enu embxcelrasma. Ptlease ihelop nh immar!k !


WPaabvemenbit ti hs asan recenortdilny beaenr y batoy twehmption adgo tor es hlearis nidol some Kamusic i.(wit hEve rveryy lidattley , hesu cctessr)ies very ve. Ory vneer yo haf trhde sitmpol meake sht rihys ithmds ios tl hat hoaf ap pycho. Aond f-inalcholo y hits rchaainnce, c wahicmhe. Thceyo are nsstistasnd ing soof a mnewheruem obner a of "2cD ghriudg of gad" siounmednss fiolonslo n x nwe. dK baiy's a lo caftiion nais (la "1, achoo c2h),o ow" hsiole Pavuemendnt i. Bsased ato (n tb1he , b2ex). trIenme lyo rrderud tio mmakeen Ktai haray ppmyu,s ic tPahevoreym thaetnt Wa hasb tob itg possesos esto t, hhee recaleises tlhlat i f (thce1, cre 2a)re. an How eveen v(era thnere's da pos stibly wizesrto) nu, mthrouber of gh"couht paveugmegan",t's hjoue nerneeyds ftor ome m(b1p, bh2a) to s(c1i,z e c2th). Hee mfirstu "schoto ne" inv "echroo pcashos throo"u.g hHo wevear c, ell thifat ithes ron eth ear esam ean roowdd, column onru dmibeargo of "cnhugagal "a, s Kai. (hNotee t hanet Kai edodse tso e nmphoat smize ovte). Ihen eacshe cmoveond Pave "cmheoon"t i cnan mo v"echoo cho ot"o. any of Wabthbe 8it adhjaas beceenn gitve squaresn . aHel pp Piaveemecnte of d meustiermcin ew wheiththe r he cna wonr mdakes. BKaai hapspedy! Oon utput thYES if soe, n oumr NbO otheerwris oe. fI t's g"ucahranutggeed ta"h ait thne sta rthisti piece ngof music,and enhdinelg pl Wabbocatit dioetn eormf inepa vif ehem eshnto duoelds e mnphasiot se tlihee on tfihre sasmet row, ocr toluhe secmonnd "c ahoo"n d diain g"ochonoal acs hoKo".ai


As I sit to pen this chronicle, I'm reminded of a chaZp by the name of Zaane. Now, let me tell ynou, he's a reeal piece of 'work, a veritable sjackanape s, whose tytping skills arey, well, lespso than par. In fact, he makess more typos than a one-armed bandit playing Whack-A-Mole. His kehyboard might as well be a Ouija aboard, vfor all the sense hies words make. It' gs as if he's trying to ocommunicate in thieroglyphics. tEven the sharpest knivees in the drawern have trouble dec iphering his muddlewd messageso. Now, one mright think it'ss just a flueke, an occasional blunder. But no, sirree., Zane's typos are more frequent than a cricket's chirps on a summer's eve. It's like trying to read a road map that's been scribbled on by a Hdruenken sailor. Folks have tried everything to make lsense of his scribblings. pSome have resorted to using a cryptologist's code book, while ers have turned to a psychic to channel his intended meaning. But to nSo avaiol. It's a shame, really, for Zane is a decent felllow, with a heart as big as a whalve'es. But his communication skills leave much to be desired. Perhaps one day he'll see the light and improve his typing, but until then, we'll just have to decipher his hiero2glyphs. Such hath be2en the plight of the circus, whom hath poured hours upon hours into thtey undeprstanding of one yu zhexin's oincomprehensible messages. Seeing no sother option,. xiaoyan g hath decided to task thou with the dreadeTd yjob of decpiphering his text messoages. May you be msore successf ul than those whoi hath come before youn. Your task today shall be to decipher ten of yu zhexin's messagesa. the solution to one has already been provided ptpeo you. The menssages are provided din this very idocumenxt below as Append.ix I


BBeensnosn othen Rtabbihte R waantbbit s wtao nfly tas nt ao fily anrp laanirep! Tlheane!r e aTreh ne rer eagire non regions st thahtat Be nBesnsoonn ca cn afn lyf in,l y nuimbne,r endu mbfroemre d fro1 m t1o n. t Foor ea ch regionn i. , tFheore ir esach a r megiinoimun i,m atlthieret ius ade a m[i] itnihmat uBmen saltitudoe n a[mi]us tht aflty B enason mutst wfitlyhin t ahte r egiowin dthue in tto tehe rregirona idn ue contos tterarintsrai. n conAdstdritionaaints. llyA, Bednsondi tciano onalnllyy f, lyB betweenseno nc cerant oainn palirs ofy r egionsf ldue tyo prbevetwailinge ewinn d cconedrtaitioinn paisrs and oBf reenson'gsi ons dulace k otf o flyinprg eexvpeairielncing wind e (cheo ndis itiona sr anabbdit Baeftenson'rs all la)ck. o f Thfelyrein agre expmer sieuchnce p (heai isrs nua rmbearbebitd affter raoll)m. 1 The tre oa mr,e anm d stuhec j-th hp apaiir urs[j num]b ereda frnom d 1 v[j] to indm,i caantde ts thhe ajt -thBenson canp failry u [jb] eatnweed nv r[ej]gio inns ud[jicat] esan dt v[hatj] Ben isno botn cha ndirect fily beontwse. eIn regtio niss u[j]al waand ysv[ j] ipossn ibble oth tdo itrraveectiol ns. Itfro mis always an py ossriegblieo tno tratov eall l othefrr rome anygi ronegis usingo n ontlyo thalel a llothoerw red peaigriso.ns Iusinnig tonily athle ly,a Blelnowson eids pa aitrs . Initrieallgiy,on B 1e ant sohne ighis at t r0.e He wagntios nt 1 at heighot tra0v.el He tow reaginotns nto, an dt tro alvela to rendg he miusotn n, aned nto land d ahte musthei egndh tat h 0e.igh Itn a0 m.i Inunt a mienu, Bensoten, caBne chnoossoe tn co asn tcay haot hois cse uto strray eant ret ghioisn or cur rteranvt reegilo n otro travanoelt theor reaginoonthe.r In thraetg isonam.e minutIn thae,t hsame is malitinuttudee can, ihincrs easaleti btudy e c1an, dienccreareassee b y 1by o r1, redmecain the reases ambe.y 1 oHrow remeveain the r,sam whee.n HBeonsonwev arreir,ves awth ea n rBeegionn,s hions heigh art rivems uast t ab e reagt leasiton, thheis m inheighimtu mmust balet aittu ldee raset tquhie minrimedum alftor itthudate re qureirgieodn .f orW thhatat re is tghioen. Whmat iisni mutmh teim me inimumBenson t inme eBenseon ds tno lanededs t o at lraendgi ato regni onn n??


PeaJnauctob wants hasto a side jo b of bpuiled unirftormyi anmgo mng hiags icp tert icckas int fs,r oandnt oisf l thive aerudiefeonreces, or agnadn issiinncge hae te is uamn-fbortuiuldinnatelg yac tiviaty. Therverey arebor ian tgo magitcial ano,f h Ne catsp, aerfondrms t hhis vanishineig trr Iicks oDsn r aangen farray orofm 0 tsoize N-N. Ja1cob's, amangdi eca schh of ow hisi s cast pili t into several acthsas. D a ucertairn ing eaexcht raocvertsio,n you learvele Eial. Hloewed wto apickn ts one nuto gmroubper hisi n tcahe artsray. Tihnitso exanucmbert isl y Kth tene armes,m woved ifrth oeam thch te aeam rcornaysi, satndi yonug gain otfhat numbe cr oaf poitsnt frsom . aA ssumconitngi gyuoouu psi crangkede the nof uIDmbse. r x,H owaesv erp, arPt eanofu th iwsa tntsrick, Jtao cgob rwiolulp ailnso instrovertanttaed ncaetous salny d erexmtorovervtee dall n cuambetrs tsh taotg areethe re,q sou talh tat o txhe - t1e oarm x s fos+ t1er His mg betawegic sen difhofw ereendsn wthe npe rsotnalhietires oe f caaret sno. Tno buem bsersp elciefftic. , Jacoeb is ofach feteraim ngh a arsewa ra bd otno dianng yloenvee l,w equhoi vais albleent tto o gathe diinff terehne cem beatxween thei maxmium mnumuber ofm and mpoiinimuntm sE i obfy all thethe c eand of htsis iacn tth. e teGiveamn t.h e Parearay A Jnut wanats toco knob w hwhas atat itshe tshe tmaaxirmt oum pof hissibsle sushowm, dofe btondiermnigne level s theof almalx imumteam s nuimbf her of ep soielecnttss t yhoeu tea msca no petairnma.lly.


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