"World Contact Day was first declared in March 1953 by an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), as a day on which all IFSB members would attempt to send a telepathic message into space.
The IFSB voted to hold such a day in 1953, theorising that if both telepathy and alien life were real, a large number of people focussing on an identical piece of text may be able to transmit the message through space."
~ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(By the way, World Contact Day is held on 15 March each year, hence the problem name.)

Of course we all know telepathy is real. But are you a true diplomat who can learn to say "hello world" to the aliens in their language?


Subtask 1: hmm... just try :) (1 point)

Subtask 2: ceh... bpko lmq :) (21 points)

Subtask 3: xwc... tkcj dhi :) (18 points)

Subtask 4: sox... lfue vca :) (21 points)

Subtask 5: ngs... damz nxs :) (18 points)

Subtask 6: iyn... vveu fsk :) (21 points)

Time Limit: 1 Seconds
Memory Limit: 256MB
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Source: April Fools' 2021 (jamielim)

Subtask Score
1 1
2 21
3 18
4 21
5 18
6 21