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Name Chua Wee Chong
School NUS High School of Math and Science
Role member
Country Singapore
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Solved Problems
01knapsack 0405 1609 1821
3nplus1 3nplus1II 4russians 4sum
7up GSS addition addition2
addk addone adjlist adjmatrix
aircon ancestor appeal applefarm
appletree area arrayfind arrayproblem
assembly atm bacteria badpotato
ballgame ballot bananafarm bananasmoothie
bank baseplans_ex basketball battleship
beacon beareatrabbit bestplace binarycoins
binaryroads binomial bobek bombing2
bosses bosubaiko boundedpermutation boundlessboxes
boxes_hkicpc boxhaskey boxispull bracketcoloring
bracketex bracketflip bracketsyndrome brick
bubblesort buffet buygifts candies
candies_joi candyboxes candymountain_ex candyshop
car card carpark carrots
catfight catlunch ccs cheerleaders
chessislands chinese choochoo clique
clocktower closingshop coinbag coincombinations
coinjourney coke collectmushrooms collectmushrooms2
collectmushrooms3 collectmushrooms4 collectmushrooms6 commando
commonsubstring competition construct container
contestcalc conversations conversations_easy convexhull
countalp cowland crypto cuberoot
cudak cups deathray decayedbridges
deque descsort diamond dice
digits dijkstra dinowalk discharging
divisibility dotjoin doubleflip dquery
drones ducknuggetconvention dyingpolynomial eatcake
eating eeducation eelimination eescapism
eevacuation election employee entropy
evenorodd exam examinations explosion
exponentiate exponentiate_ex feast fenwicktree
fibo findinggrass firelord fizzbuzz
flamethrower flappyrabbit floors flybot
foodchain foreveralone fractionalmultiset fractions
fraud frog3 frogs gcd
gecko general generosity gerrymandering
gift globalwarming globalwarming_ceoi gohcart
goodseq gotoschool graphcraft grassplant
greeting grid guanine guards
guards_easy guards_ex gwynethandtree hamster1
harddisk hashcollision heatwv hedgehogcrimes_easy
helloworld helloworld2 hipercijevi historical
history hoofpaperscissor housevisit housing
hungryrabbits2 illuminate inequality2 inheritance
installingapps inversemax inversions iqtest
iqtest3 jams joke jumping2
jumpontree justright knightmoves kthsubstring
ktupleflip ladybugs lboard lcm
lcs leave lengthsort letters
letterstamper lightningrod lineup lis
lis_easy ljll ljubomora llis
localexpress logs lol lps
lratio lualectures luarulers luckynumbers2
lunchbox magicwand malcolm management
mandarins maximum medianheap medianstring
merchant_o mice milkweed minimum
modsum moneychanger mountains mrt
mugger neckties nemo newjeans
nihonese nis nonboringsequences nou
nprime numbers numericalstrings obstacles
obstacletree omnomnom omnomnom2 openingshop
optimalsubseq optmilk orangecollector oranges2
oridance paint pairsums palindromicfizzbuzz
pandaeyes pandaski parade partitiongame
party pascal passwords payraise
peakfinding peddler penguinfood picnic
pigeonhole pigeons pilot ping
pipes pizzeria poi poklon
police ponteng potatosalad potatotree
prefixgcd prefixsums prime problematicjourney
promotion psle purplecandy pushups
pythonindentation rabbitbars rabbiteatrabbit race
railway rainbowroad razlika rblock
reading reciprocals redblacktree removalcosts
reopening repairs rightangtri rmaxq
roadsideadverts rootedlca rotarylock routers
routine royalguards rubies runway
sailor samelength sardines sawmills
scalars sealevel segmenttree segmenttree2
selfpermutation semiconnected sherlockinversions sightseeing
sightseeing2 simcity simp simpletask
singlefile singleflip skyline smallprimes
smurf smurfpaths snack snakesnack2
snapknack snowball snowcow socks
solonim sort speakers special
spellofweakness splithunny squidzofrenzic stackweights
stamps stepgame sterilizing stickytape
stones stonk stories subgraphs
subsetmex subtaskstitching sumint summarising2020
summit supermarket supplies swapsort
telepathy timeexam towerdefense towers
train train_ex trains transform
travel treepruning treepruning2 triangles
troubles twomeals typicalstairs typo
uniquenumbers unitedcows universe unmerge
valves variety veryeasyproblem vouchers
wabbit wabot wallabyhop watching
weddingcoins workload workoutplan xmas
xortree zooqueue