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Name Yap Yuan Xi
School NUS High School of Math and Science
Role admin
Country Singapore
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Solved Problems
0405 1609 1821 3nplus1
4russians 4sum GSS addition
addition2 adjlist adjmatrix aircon
amicablecats ancestor applefarm area
armpit arrayfind arrayproblem askonegetonefree
assembly atm bacteria ballgame
bananafarm bank baseplans beareatrabbit
beautifulbrackets becomingred bestplace binarycoins
binaryroads bobek bosses boundlessboxes
boxispull bracketex brackets bracketsuperseq
brick bridge_apio15 bubblesort buffet
bunnyscore buycomputer candies candymountain_ex
car card carpark carrots
catchingcheaters catfight catlunch ccs
change chessislands christmasfeast clique
clocktower coinbag coincombinations coinjourney
coke collectmushrooms collectmushrooms2 collectmushrooms3
collectmushrooms6 combo commando competition
construct container contestcalc conversations
conversations_easy convexhull crypto cuberoot
cups deque descsort diamond
dice digits digitsum dijkstra
dinowalk dotjoin dyingpolynomial eatcake
eeducation eelimination eescapism eevacuation
election employee entropy evenorodd
exam examinations exponentiate exponentiate_ex
feast fencing fenwicktree fertile
fibo fireandbeary fizzbuzz flamethrower
flappyrabbit flights floors flybot
foreveralone fractionalmultiset frog3 frogs
fruitsequences fuel garden_ioi08 gcd
gecko general gerrymandering gift
globalwarming globalwarming_ceoi goinghome_agc graphcraft
greeting guanine guards guessarray
hamster1 hashcollision heatwv hedgehogcrimes_easy
helloworld helloworld2 history housing
hunter illuminate inheritance installingapps
inversemax inversions jumping2 justright
knightmoves labels ladybugs lazycat
lcs leftright lengthsort lightningrod
lineup lis lis_easy ljll
ljubomora llis localexpress lostarray
lps lunchbox lunchcombo lvm
magicwand maximum medianheap medianstring
merchant_o milkweed minimum minstack
modules moneychanger mountains mrt
multipaths neckties nian nihonese
nis nonboringsequences nprime numbers
numericalstrings omnomnom omnomnom2 openingshop
optimalsubseq optmilk oranges2 padoru
paint pairs pairsums pandacity
pandaeyes partitiongame party payraise
peakfinding peddler penguinfood performance
picnic pigeonnests pigeons pilot
ping poi poklon potatosalad
potatotree power prefixsums prime
primefactorization primesort problematicjourney psle
quillvsowl rabbitbars rabbiteatrabbit railway
rank razlika rblock rebuild
reciprocals rectangleoutline removeedges replacedigits
rightangtri rmaxq roadsideadverts rotarylock
routers sailor sandd sealevel
segmenttree segmenttree2 sherlockinversions sightseeing
sightseeing2 simp singlefile smallprimes
smallprimes_ex smurf smurfberries smurfpaths
snakenladder snakesnack2 snapknack solonim
sortbooks speakers spellofweakness splithunny
spy squidzofrenzic stackweights stamps
stepgame sterilizing stickytape stones
stonk subgraphs subtaskstitching sumint
summit supermarket swapsort taxcollection
timeexam towerdefense towers train
train_ex trains transform travel
universe unluckyfloors unmerge wabbit
wabot walking watching weddingcoins
workload xmas xortree zooqueue