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Name Shi Wei
School NUS High School Of Math and Science
Role admin
Country Singapore
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Solved Problems
3dhistogram 4russians 4sum addition2
adjlist adjmatrix aesthetic aircon
alice aliens_ioi ancestor animaleditor
ants arcade archaeologist area
armpit arrangetoys arrayfind arrayproblem
artswap assignpaths badknapsack badnim2
badnim3 ballgame bananafarm bank
baseplans_ex becomingred binarycoins bobek
bodyguard bottle boundedpermutation boundlessboxes
boxispull brackets bracketsuperseq bucketstacking
cactus cakerun canbashsavetheday candies
candies_ioi candymountain_ex car catchingcheaters
catfight cheaters cheerleaders chessislands
christmasturkeyfarm christmaswall clique collaboration
collectmushrooms colorgraph construct conversations
conversations_easy count1graphs count_1_graphs countingagain
countinghaybales deque dice digitsum
dijkstra dna dna_ioi doll
dominoes dotjoin dragonfly duckduckgo
ducknuggetconvention duckwalk duels eatcake
edgeremove elca election entropy
events fenwicktree ferries fever
fibotree findinggrass fire firefighting
fireworks fish fizzbuzz flamethrower
flights floors fractionalmultiset fraud
frisbee frogs fruitsequences funfair
general globalwarming grapevine growingtrees
guessarray gymbadges harddisk hedgehogcrimes_easy
helloworld helloworld2 holeetree hop
illuminate index industriouslibrarian inequality
inequality2 infiniteloop inheritance inversemax
inversions island_boi jumps kickingshoes
lasers laughter lazycat lboard
learningtrack2 lfs lineup lis
ljubomora llis localexpress lppfnlcst
lppufdsrb lunchbox magicwand mamamintaplusa
manycolours merchant_o mergers midas
milkweed minerals modules monochromecat
moosic mountains mrt multipaths
naptime neckties nemo newhome
nian nis nonboringsequences numbers
oenothera ohbabyntriples omnomnom omnomnom2
optimalsubseq optmilk oranges2 padoru
paint_apio pairs pandacity pandaeyes
partitiongame passes password pastiri
payraise peddler pekora penguinfood
penguinislands permutationswap pigeonnests pilot
poklon power prefixgcd prefixsums
presents prison problematicjourney purplecandy
puttingstrings quillvsowl rabbitbridges rabbitlineup
railway rainingseason rank rblock
redistributinggifts removeedges removeelements replacedigits
riggedroads rmaxq roads roadsideadverts
robot roots rotarylock safety
sarenlist sealevel segmenttree segmenttree2
selectingintervals selfdefence selfpermutation semafor
servers shikandgame sightseeing sightseeing2
simp singlefile smallprimes smallprimes_ex
smokeflower smurfpaths snakenladder sonya
spaceinvaders speakers splithunny stamps
stickytape stoningame straight strangedevice
strangedevice2 streetlamps subgraphs subknapsack
sumzero supermarket surnames swap
swimming taxcollection threetowers tiles
tokitsukazeandexplosion toll tour towerdefense
towers towers_noi transform travel
treecutting trivialmaths2 typicalstairs universe
unluckyfloors unmerge valves vault
village wabot wandering watching
weddingcoins wiring woodenraft workload
workload2 xortree zhylanio zooqueue