std::experimental::observer_ptr<W>::operator*, std::experimental::observer_ptr<W>::operator->

Technical specifications
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Library fundamentals (library fundamentals TS)
Library fundamentals 2 (library fundamentals 2 TS)
Extensions for parallelism (parallelism TS)
Extensions for parallelism 2 (parallelism TS v2)
Extensions for concurrency (concurrency TS)
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Special mathematical functions (special math TR)
constexpr std::add_lvalue_reference_t<element_type> operator*() const;
(1) (library fundamentals TS v2)
constexpr element_type* operator->() const noexcept;
(2) (library fundamentals TS v2)

operator* and operator-> provide access to the object watched by *this.

The behavior of operator* is undefined if get() == nullptr.



Return value

1) Returns the object watched by *this, equivalent to *get().

2) Returns a pointer to the object watched by *this, i.e. get().


1) Throws nothing.


See also

returns a pointer to the watched object
(public member function)