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This header is part of the ranges library.

Utility components

Defined in namespace std::experimental::ranges
swaps the value of two objects
(customization point object)
replaces the argument with a new value and returns its previous value
(function template)

Tag concepts

Defined in namespace std::experimental::ranges
specifies that a type is a tag specifier
specifies that a type represents a tag specifier and its element type

Tagged pairs

Defined in namespace std::experimental::ranges
augument a tuple-like type with named accessors
(class template)
alias template for a tagged std::pair
(alias template)
convenience function for creating a tagged_pair
(function template)


namespace std { namespace experimental { namespace ranges { inline namespace v1 {
namespace {
  constexpr /* unspecified */ swap = /* unspecified */;
template<MoveConstructible T, class U = T>
  requires Assignable<T&, U>
constexpr T exchange(T& obj, U&& new_val) noexcept(/* see definition */);
template <class T>
concept bool TagSpecifier = /* see definition */;
template <class F>
concept bool TaggedType = /* see definition */;
template <class Base, TagSpecifier... Tags>
  requires sizeof...(Tags) <= std::tuple_size<Base>::value
struct tagged;
template <TaggedType T1, TaggedType T2>
using tagged_pair = /* see definition */;
template <TagSpecifier Tag1, TagSpecifier Tag2, class T1, class T2>
constexpr /* see definition */ make_tagged_pair(T1&& x, T2&& y);
namespace std {
template <class Base, class... Tags>
struct tuple_size<experimental::ranges::tagged<Base, Tags...>>;
template <size_t N, class Base, class... Tags>
struct tuple_element<N, experimental::ranges::tagged<Base, Tags...>>;