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template< class I >
struct difference_type { };
template< class T >
struct difference_type<T*>;
template< class T >
struct difference_type<const T> : difference_type<std::decay_t<T>> { };
template <class T>

  requires requires { typename T::difference_type; }

struct difference_type<T>;
template <class T>

  requires !requires { typename T::difference_type; } &&
           requires(const T& a, const T& b) { { a - b } -> Integral; }

struct difference_type<T>;

Computes the associated difference type of the type I, if any. Users may specialize difference_type for a program-defined type.

1) Primary template is an empty struct.
2) Specialization for pointers. If T is an object type, provides a member type type equal to std::ptrdiff_t. Otherwise, there is no member type.
3) Specialization for const-qualified types.
4) Specialization for types that define a public and accessible member type difference_type. Provides a member type type equal to T::difference_type.
5) Specialization for types that do not define a public and accessible member type difference_type but do support subtraction. Provides a member type type equal to std::make_signed_t<decltype(std::declval<T>() - std::declval<T>())>.

Helper alias template

template< class T >
using difference_type_t = typename ranges::difference_type<T>::type;
(ranges TS)


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