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Member functions
Non-member functions
any& operator=( const any& rhs );
(1) (library fundamentals TS)
any& operator=( any&& rhs ) noexcept;
(2) (library fundamentals TS)
template<typename ValueType>
    any& operator=( ValueType&& rhs );
(3) (library fundamentals TS)

Assigns contents to the contained value.

1) Assigns by copying the state of rhs, as if by any(rhs).swap(*this).
2) Assigns by moving the state of rhs, as if by any(std::move(rhs)).swap(*this). rhs is left in a valid but unspecified state after the assignment.
3) Assigns the type and value of rhs, as if by any(std::forward<ValueType>(rhs)).swap(*this). If std::is_copy_constructible<std::decay_t<ValueType>>::value is false, the program is ill-formed. This overload only participates in overload resolution if std::decay_t<ValueType> is not the same type as any.

Template parameters

ValueType - contained value type
Type requirements
std::decay_t<ValueType> must meet the requirements of CopyConstructible.


rhs - object whose contained value to assign

Return value



1,3) Throws bad_alloc or any exception thrown by the constructor of the contained type. If an exception is thrown, there are no effects (strong exception guarantee).

See also

constructs an any object
(public member function)