basic_osyncstream& operator=( std::basic_osyncstream&& other) noexcept;

Move-assigns a synchronized output stream:

First, calls emit(). If an exception is thrown by the call to emit(), it is caught and ignored.

Then, move-assigns the wrapped std::basic_syncbuf from the corresponding member of other (after this move-assignment, other.get_wrapped() returns a null pointer and destruction of other produces no output) and move-assigns the base std::basic_ostream (this swaps all stream state variables except for rdbuf between *this and other)


other - another osyncstream to move from


See also

constructs a basic_osyncstream
(public member function)
destroys the basic_osyncstream and emits its internal buffer
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calls emit on the underlying basic_syncbuf to transmit its internal data to the final destination
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